Fairview Fire District
258 Violet Avenue
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601

September 19, 1995

414 West Sunrise Highway
Patchoque, NY 11772
Attn: Dennis Overbeck

Dear Mr. Overbeck:

During the month of July this year, on a day with temperatures approaching 100 degrees, we had a large fire at an industrial site. The product burning was baled coconut fiber. The area involved was approximately 100 ft. x 75 ft. high. The bales were tightly compacted and stored tightly to each other.

We have learned in the past that water only ran off this product and would not penetrate regardless of amounts applied. We had tested three Class-A additives and purchased the best performing product.

Because this fire lasted for an extended period of time, we ran out of this product. When we were unable to quickly get more, we substituted your additive called drench. This drench product at first, appeared costly due to the one quart containers available. Upon applying the drench product, we immediately noticed a great improvement in the absorbent rate. The drench product was far superior to what we were using.

We now stock your product and have added it to our booster tanks for use on all fires. The one quart containers are easy to carry on apparatus and we do not need to lug heavy drums at a fire scene.

Please provide us with literature on all your products and any samples you may have for testing and comparison purposes would be a big help.

Thank you for your cooperation and please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you may have.


Richard L. Dormeyer
Deputy Chief

RLD / gt


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