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April 6, 1994

Dear Mike.

Enclosed is my most recent sales report. I have gone back to visiting stations as I have had absolutely no replies to any of the letters that I have sent out, even those in which I included self addressed stamped envelopes. I guess I've got to put my face in front of their face. This Saturday, however, I'm going to let them come to me - I'm going to a small local "fire expo" at a nearby fire station. I drove 98 miles last night to visit three stations; two of the chiefs sounded genuinely interested. While the third had just purchased 20 gallons of foam. One of the chiefs knows another company that uses drench and seems quite impressed with it; I think I can make a sale to him - especially after I walked in on his meeting and told him how to save some money on Indian Tank repair.

We had another interesting experience with drench a few weeks ago. We had a trailer fire in which the fire was in two widely separated areas of the structure. One engine attacked one end while the other engine attacked the second area; we put drench in one engine but not the other and low and behold -- the drench engine put out its fire a lot faster and with a lot less water than the non-drench engine. The engine with drench in it had the larger fire and used about 100 gallons of water; the other engine used about 300 gallons. We still set up a portable pond and had 2 tankers shuttle water - I guess it will take quite some time before we get used to the capabilities of drench and stop calling mutual aid.

Yours truly,



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